It all started on a hot sunny day on August 31st, 2001 under Lake Rock Produce by Joshua Stuart who was inspired by his neighbor Benny M. who was known as the “Tomato Man” of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. Benny was like a mentor to Josh and Benny had a large backyard garden where grew vegetables and he also had a greenhouse. Josh would go over to Benny’s house and talk about Benny’s family and how he wanted to be like him. One day Josh heard that Benny didn’t have long to live and Josh went over to Benny’s and made a promise to take over the “Tomato Man” Tradition and Benny left Josh two Scales dating back to 1910 where it was used in Benny’s uncles shop. So now you know how we got our name Uncle Benny’s Farm from which is Uncle from Benny’s Uncle and Benny himself.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs